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Twin Arm Mixer
Effortlessly emulate the traditional motion of kneading dough by hand with the ItalMix Twin Arm Mixers. An adaptable machine for a variety of dough consistencies and water percentages. Designed to knead high hydration dough, up to 90% and medium firm. The action of the arms ensures perfect gluten development and maximum water absorption without heating the dough.
➜ Mobile-  mounted on wheels for easy movement.
Robust- Body made from thick material.
Eco-conscious - Hand painted with non-toxic food safe products
Stable- Stabilised with rubber feet
Powerful- Thicker kneading arms than others on the market.
Silent and Reliable-  Spherical cast iron gears immersed in an oil bath.
Safety-  Integrated limit switch
Convenience- Quick opening / closing system of the carters without using screws
➜ Greater hygiene and reduced maintenance and cleaning time. 
➜Safety protection in thermo-formed transparent PETG

Dough Capacity: 5 - 56kg
Flour Capacity:  3 - 35kg
Water Capacity: 2 - 21lt
Bowl Volume:  80lt
Weight: 325kg
100% Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in Italy.
Available Control Panels
Manual Electromechanical
Three Phase, 2 Speeds

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Manual electromechanical panel with two bowl speeds and coupled tools (40/60 BPM), in addition to a device to switch from speed 1 to speed 2. No timers.
Automatic Digital
Single Phase , Variable Speed
Three Phase , Variable Speed

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Manual automatic panel equipped with a graduated knob that controls the inverter potentiometer, and speed display. The operator has the possibility to change the machine arm strokes from a minimum of 25 BPM per minute to a maximum of 75 BPM per minute at any time. An electronic timer is set to stop the machine after the estimated time.
Automatic Digital Program.
Single Phase , Variable Speed
Three Phase , Variable Speed

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A programmable automatic digital panel with which it is possible to set an automatic cycle, selecting up to 5 different speed values and working times. We can save up to 99 different recipes. The machine will work automatically for the time of the recipe and stopping at the end of the cycle. Thanks to a graduated knob that activates the inverter potentiometer, The operator has the possibility to change the machine arm strokes from a minimum of 25 BPM per minute to a maximum of 75 BPM per minute at any time. After completing the operation, simply extract the dough by pressing an “impulse” button that jogs the rotation of the bowl.The machine has a “MANUAL” function useful for creating new recipes
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