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Discover : La Parmigiana

LA PARMIGIANA manufactures highly professional machines for the catering industry, with production capacities from 3 to 30 kg/h real pasta.

Since 1949, we have been designing, manufacturing, and improving our unique machines for those who only want the highest quality pasta. Reliable machines, east to clean and with virtually no maintenance. Used by great chefs all over the world to create customised, exclusive, and environmentally friendly dishes, La Parmigiana machines work with both traditional and gluten-free flours/semolina.

D45-C – Pasta machine for fresh, dry and gluten free pasta

(15 kg/h)

The new D45-C 2.0 pasta machine for fresh long or short pasta and pasta sheets is the heir to a long generation of D45s sold in thousands of units all over the world, suitable for restaurants, fresh pasta shops, catering and delicatessens.

The NEW D45-C 2.0 is now equipped with a nominal three-phase motor connected in single-phase; inverter for varying the mixing and extrusion speed; new high-efficiency mixing blades; new, more functional and practical liquid introduction grid; new plastic tray anchoring system; elegant and functional control panel; accessories support plate on the trolley.

Mounted on wheels, the D45-C 2.0 pasta machine is easy-to-use, robust, reliable, easy to clean and most importantly produces top quality pasta. As in the old models, the materials used in the channel and screw prevent the dough from overheating, therefore NO REFRIGERATOR IS NECESSARY.

The D45-C 2.0 press is equipped with a ventilation hood on the die for pre-drying extruded pasta.
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