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Orved offers advanced vacuum packaging, sous vide cooking, and food preservation solutions. With top-quality technology, our equipment ensures food safety, extends shelf life, and enhances flavor. From vacuum sealers to sous vide machines, we provide professional-grade tools for chefs and culinary enthusiasts. Experience precision and efficiency with Orved's industry-leading solutions.


Idea 42 hi-line

Idea Hi-Line has been designed to preserve food in the best conditions, enahnce ist flavour and perform smart processes that won’t be possible in normal atmosphere. You can prepare your food with consistent result and reduced costs, saving time in preparation and have food ready in a few seconds at any time of the day with zero waiting time for your customers.

The first vacuum chamber machine with an innovative 5" smart-touch interface, just one touch to select a Chef program or set your custom parameters. Power is in your hands: set without limits, choose the vacuum you prefer, the rest will be done by Idea Hi-Line.

Ideal for: restaurants, pastry shops, butchers, delicatessens and bars.
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