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Sigma Sprizza

Dough Press
Cold Dough Press
A strong reliable cold dough press that mimics the hand movement of the pizzaiola. This machine has been in production for many years and produces a perfect dough - any size disc up to 40cm in diameter without any need for heat or oil. All you need is a small amount of flour or semolina on the press!
➜ The patented system allows the machine to produce a pressed pizza with a raised edge to ensure perfect rise in the oven when cooking.
➜Can produce up to 250pcs per hour
➜Adjustable pizza thickness
➜Automatic start and stop
➜Any size pizza up to 16 inches/ 40 cm.
Available Extras
Mobile Trolley to accomodate the Sigma Sprizza plus up to 4 dough boxes underneath.
Dimensions:  760mm x 490mm x 790mm
Weight: 120kg
Power: 13 AMP electrical socket
CE Certified
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