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Manual Dough Divider Rounder

A invaluable addition to any kitchen- maximise the efficiency of your dough ball production with the Vitella Bun Dough Divider and Rounder.
Vitella Manual Dough Divider Front
The Vitella Manual Dough Divider Rounder is a great addition for any commercial pizza kitchen or bakery. It creates the perfect dough ball every single time, increasing your productivity.

This machine is easy to use even though the Manual divider does require you to be more involved than the Automatic or Semi-Automatic alternatives. The plate is manually inserted into the chamber, which can be manually adjusted. Using the levers, the dough can then be press, cut and rounded. The result is balls of equal weight and shape, all in just a few seconds!

This machine is mechanically driven.

Divisions below references the quantity of balls that the machine is able to make. You can easily change the weight of your balls but the number of divisions does not change. 

A table of the different machines types organised into divisions and the weight/ quantity of balls that each of these is capable of making.
Dimensions of the Vitella Manual Dough Divider Rounder.

Contents Contains

The Manual Dough Divider Rounder x1
Division Plates x3

Additional plates can be purchased.

The main body of the machine is made from Painted or Stainless Steel.
Dimensions, see above.
All machines are provided with standard for an operating voltage of 400V 50Hz 3-Phrase. Other voltages can be provided upon request. 

Starts from £9,650 ex VAT

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