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Subito Cotto 45

Cook traditional Italian Pizza at home with the Zio Ciro oven. Effective and efficient it heats up to 450°C in just 35 minutes. The Zio Ciro Subito Cotto 45 is a portable and versatile gas pizza oven that packs a punch. It is 100% made in Italy using artisan methods and high-quality materials which allow for extraordinary heat retention performances, even after you put out the flame.
The Subito Cotto models come ready to go. Ideal for any outdoor environment such as gardens, balconies, and terraces. Not just for pizza, these ovens can be used to cook numerous dishes. With the option to cook using gas and add wood to emphasize your flavours, it is bound to become the centre piece of any garden.
➜ One Pizza Capacity
➜ Portable
➜ Dome made from high quality refractory concrete.
➜ 100% Made in Italy
➜ Low fuel consumption
➜ Suitable for a variety of pizza styles including Neapolitan
Purchase Options
Available to purchase in Red, Black or White
Can be placed on a purpose made wooden barrel stand, available as an extra or alternatively any sturdy surface.
Floor: 45 cm internal diameter
Gas consumption: 0.4 Kg/h (Maximum)
Preheating time: 30 minutes
Weight: 53Kg
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