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  • Ergonomic Case For Food Transport- 66 X 44cm(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £13.00£18.00 ex VAT
    • Closed-end and ribbed bottom
    • Closed sides
    • Resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +80°C and up to +120°C during washing
    • Perfect for the maintenance and preservation of the pizza dough
    • Ideal for transport with ergonomic handle that facilitates carrying
    • Made to not absorb odours and easy to clean
    • Resistant and lightweight
    • Stackable in order to prevent the entry of dust and impurities
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Compliant with European directives
  • Pizza Cutter WheelsColours available in drop down menu

    £7.95 ex VAT

    Unique to Alphin Pans is this range of colour coded Pizza Cutter Wheels. Made with heavy duty one piece moulded plastic handles, 4” stainless steel wheels and designed for professional use, these cutters are an essential piece of equipment for anybody selling pizzas. Easy to differentiate between cutters to keep your customers happy -

    The green cutter wheel is perfect for distinguishing between vegetarian/meat pizzas or gluten free pizzas.

  • Big Squeezy Bottles(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £3.50£3.85 ex VAT

    Extra Large Squeezy Bottles- Available in Red and Natural Colour to quickly identify which sauce you need.


    1 Litre capacity (Only Natural colour lid available)

  • Pizza Turner(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £9.95 ex VAT

    This high quality stainless steel turner round edge blade will help you keep fragile foods such as fish, omelettes and crepes in one piece while turning them during cooking or preparation. Easy to clean. Ideal for use in domestic and commercial kitchens alike it will make the perfect addition to any utensil range.

  • Rectangular Aluminium Pizza Screen(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £19.50 ex VAT

    Rectangular Aluminium Pizza Screen

    Aluminium screen 60x40, flat mesh. The screen offers the advantage of protecting the dough from the radiating oven surface during cooking and avoids crispiness in case of combined cooking, that is, when the pizza is cooked in two times. Cooking on screen is a faster cooking alternative compared to the one in pan, allowing more direct radiation of the heat.