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  • Pizza Screens(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Screens
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    Pizza Screens 

    Pizza screens have many uses from baking whole pizzas and calzones to re-heating pizza slices. Pizza screens are most commonly used for thin crust pizza as they produce an evenly baked crisp base due to the amount of hot air transfer between the crust and the oven chamber. Ideal for use in a conveyor oven. The seamless construction means there are no rivets to come undone.

  • Pizza Pan Separator Disks(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Pizza Pan Separator Disks
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    Pizza Pan Separator Disks

    Pizza pan separator disks are an alternative to pizza pan covers or lids, and they allow pans to be stacked on top of one another, which can be useful in saving work space when proving bases in the pan. Pizza pan separator disks are made from aluminium that won't crack or chip. They are different to covers because they rest on top of the pan as opposed to fitting over the rim of the pan.

    PLEASE NOTE: Always buy separator disks 2" larger than the base of the pan that you want to cover, so that pans can easily rest on top of one another without risk of slipping; i.e. use a 14" disk for a 12" pan.