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  • Squeezy Sauce Dispenser

    £6.50 ex VAT

    A very useful clear squeeze bottle with a 3 tip cap, size 24oz.

    Used for pizza sauce or topping sauce, with the 3 tip cap allowing you to create a nice pattern on the product.

  • Large Shaker(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £6.00 ex VAT

    Large Spice Shaker

    A 12oz spice shaker to be filled with spices like oregano, or for sprinkling of cheese. Made with a Lexan plastic base and a chrome plated top.

  • Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    £3.00 ex VAT

    Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles 

    These sauce dispenser squeeze bottles are the perfect bottles for dispensing of sauce. Easy to squeeze and comes out at the right speed. Available in red, yellow or clear so you can identify quickly which sauce you need.

    All bottles are 24oz.

  • Salt and Vinegar Shakers

    £4.00 ex VAT

    Large capacity plastic countertop salt and vinegar shakers, ideal for fish and chip restaurants.

    Standard size salt and vinegar shakers.