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Marana Forni

Marana Forni created the very first wood fired rotating oven, and is known as a pioneer in the industry. Using wood, gas and combined systems, they have revolutionised the way pizza is cooked.




About Marana Forni


Marana Forni was established  in the late 1980s in Verona, in Northeast Italy, and are leaders in the woodfired pizza ovens industry. Ferdinando Marana, the founder of the company, in 1992 patented the first SU&GIU® rotary pizza oven, still working today and representing the company all over the world. Marana Forni are world renowned for their innovative ovens.

The Marana Forni trademark has achieved major landmarks in the history of pizza ovens using wood, gas, pellets and combined systems, thereby revolutionizing the way pizza is cooked. Marana Forni created rotating woodfired pizza ovens and is known as a  pioneer in the industry. From design to craftsmanship production of every single pizza oven, all ovens can be delivered ready assembled or built on site by our experienced technicians and are backed up an efficient after-sales service. With Marana Forni Pizza Ovens you get a range of features that you might never find with other brands.





Marana Forni continues to upgrade its products meeting every kind of requirement, with models, fuel types, sizes and finishing that have enabled the company to work in more than 85 countries all over the world.

The ovens are now also approved for use in clean air zones throughout the UK and in 2016 we launched a new traditional fixed base AVPN approved oven specifically for the production of true Neapolitan Pizzas.





Woodfired pizza ovens, gas ovens or combination-fuelled ovens, static, rotating or SU&GIU®, with gorgeous cupolas available to really personalise your oven.

Marana Forni ovens can be finished with Metal Brush vibrant colours which emphasise the hand-made brushed finish of the cupola.

Or the Cupola can be painted and customised with the colour of your choice. You can choose from more than 2000 colours on the RAL.

A solid company that is synonymous with prestige, Italian style and exclusive quality.

Marana Forni Gallery

Why not take a quick look at our videos below, including a testimonial from one of our lovely customers, and find out how Marana Forni ovens can benefit your kitchen and your product. What can you cook in a Marana oven? The only limit is your imagination.