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The Original Italian Rotating Deck Oven

Marana Forni was the original manufacturer of the Rotating Pizza Deck oven, and are now the leaders in design and production of the finest rotating deck ovens available today. The ovens come in a range of sizes, and can be powered using wood, gas or a combination of both.




The creator of the Rotating Pizza Deck Oven Marana Forni, was the original and first Rotating Stone Baked oven manufacturer. Its origins are pure Italian, manufactured in Verona, and leaders in design and production of the finest rotating deck ovens available today. With a range of sizes, which can be powered using wood or gas, or a combination of both, with stunning GEA models which are suspended from the floor, it’s boundaries and imagination are pure desire. It’s decks not only rotate, but can be supplied with a rise and fall mechanism which is unique to Marana Forni.




The rotating deck of the Rotating Pizza Deck Oven give ease of use and operation, which is demanded for high volume outlets wishing to bring speed and consistency into its operation. Marana also manufacture a range of Static ovens, and have ovens with the renowned AVPN certification approval. A Marana Forni oven is forever; the choice of oven is vital for the future of your business – you can save on many things but not on the heart of your kitchen.

Exclusive features available:

  • Genius – One turn cooking
  • Turbo wood
  • Turbo gas
  • Cooking surface with micro-perforation
  • Special oven door closing system




The SU&GIU function has three cooking levels and a level for greater surface temperature heating allowing for consistent pizza quality, increased production and power supply savings.

GENIUS is the rotating oven taking care of the baking quality of your pizzas, in precisely one turn of the cooking deck completely automatically.

The micro-perforation of the cooking surface and exclusive mix of refractory materials designed by Marana for its ovens allow for a better quality cooking surface, perfectly suited for baking quality pizza.

The result = a perfect pizza cooked every time, consistent in quality, simple management of the oven, an increased production capacity, labor cost savings and the perfect assistant for your pizzaiolo.

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