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IGF Dough Rounder
The IGF ARR/800M dough rounder creates perfect balls every single time; the ultimate time saver. Increase your productivity and profitability with this reliable business partner. Capable of creating dough ball portions from 20g to 800g.  The balls are created through the rising movement of dough portions through the auger, a rotating metal shaft within the machine. The process does not stress the dough in any way; it does not heat the dough or alter its properties. 
➜Work smarter not harder, the IGF ARR/800M significantly reduces preparation time.
➜Capable of producing up to 1000 dough balls an hour.
➜Suitable for up to 75% hydration dough.
➜Produced with a stainless steel shell and aluminium/teflon aluminium auger. This ensures the machines are robust, easy to use and fast to clean.
➜All components meet the hygiene and safety standard.
Power Supply: Monophase, 230v-50Hz
Power: 0.37Kw
Dimensions: 410mm x 610mm x 820mm
Weight: 75kg
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