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Izzo Forni Dome Oven


The IZ2 Izzo Forni Dome oven is the smallest in the range. With a cooking chamber of 49 x 75 cm, it has the capacity for 2 x 33cm pizzas at any one time. Despite its small size, the oven is capable of producing up to 60 pizzas per hour.

With a fully electric pizza oven, there are huge benefits to purchasing and using an IZ2 in your restaurant or catering business. It has unbelievably low energy consumption meaning it saves your pocket and has less impact on the environment. As well as this, you do not need the same levels of extraction as with a conventional wood-fired or gas-fired oven as there are no flames or fumes!
It has all the same technology and material quality as the larger ovens within this range. With AVPN approval, it produces quality Neapolitan pizzas. The control panel is digital, very simple and intuitive to use. Allowing you to customise your cooking experience with ease.

The strong structure of the system and perfect thermal insulation help to maintain the ideal cooking temperatures (400-450°C) even with intense and continuous work.

Contents Contains

IZ2 Izzo Forni Dome Oven

External measurements: 85 x 96 x 164 cm
Weight: 330kg
Power Supply: 380 - 415 V3N
Maximum Power: 8.500 watt
Average Absorption: 4.8kw/h
Available Colour Combinations
The IZ2 is available in the classic copper and grey metal combination, as seen above. It is also available in a variety of other colours. This allows you to choose the right colours and aesthetic for you kitchen or restaurant!
Dark Grey
Napoli Blue
Vintage Beige
Romantic Blue
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