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XLT 1620 Countertop

Conveyor Oven
Image shows double stacked XLT 1620 Countertop Conveyor Oven
The XLT 1620 countertop oven has the same expert quality and reliability as its larger counterparts. It may be small but it is just as mighty! Space is in high demand in any kitchen, and the ability to stack units three high; the smaller footprint and adjustable leg configuration allows you to efficiently utilise the available space. It is the ultimate space saver with no sacrifice in bake performance.
The XLT 1620 is designed to make cleaning and servicing as easy as possible. The front panel and extended 'cool front' are removable, allowing simple access and removal of the conveyor and fingers. Conveniently, the conveyor slides out from the front of the oven meaning there is no need to move your oven into unsafe and awkward positions!
➜ Smaller Footprint
➜ Triple Stack Capable
➜ Quicker to Clean
➜ Quality Bake
➜ Safer to Service
➜ Utility Savings
➜ Less End Loss
➜ Extensive warranty period

Contents Contains

XLT 1620 Countertop Conveyor Oven
Delivery & Installation (subject to T&Cs)
5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty (subject to T&Cs)
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Starts from £5,595.00 ex VAT

Electric Only
Conveyor Width:  16in (406mm)
Bake Chamber Length:  20in (508mm)
Weight per Deck: 85.3 kg
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