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XLT 3240 

Conveyor Oven
Image shows triple stacked XLT 3240 Conveyor Oven
The XLT 3240 is our most popular conveyor oven for independent pizza shops and businesses. Using award-winning, patented and patent-pending technologies, XLT has reduced end-loss, keeping the hot air where it needs to be.
The new H version of the 3240, cooks faster than any of its predecessors but this does not come at a sacrifice to bake quality, in fact improves it! The faster bake means more capacity, which in turn means more satisfied customers and more profit. You can rely on your oven to perform and produce a quality and consistent bake every time.
➜ Higher Bake Quality
➜Higher Capacity
➜Higher Efficiency
➜Higher Reliability
➜Best Return on Investment
➜ Extensive Warranty Period
➜Stackable up to 3 units high

Contents Contains

XLT 3240 Conveyor Oven
Delivery & Installation (subject to T&Cs)
5 Year Parts & Labour Warranty (subject to T&Cs)
Free Site Survey

Electric & Gas Available
Conveyor Width:  32in (813mm)
Bake Chamber Length:  40in (1016mm)
Dimensions: 1988mm x 1584mm x 1086mm
Weight per Deck: 371kg
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