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XLT Hood

Version F
Oven shown in image: Double stacked XLT 3855 Conveyor Oven with F Version Hood
The latest innovation introduced by XLT is the hood system, which is compatible with any XLT conveyor oven model. This patented design fits completely around the ovens, capturing all the heat and directing it outside. Using much lower CFMs (extraction rates) results in lower noise from the ovens, as well as much cooler kitchen. The XLT Hood System typically uses at least 50% less air extraction than a typical canopy. Reduced cost of installation, reduced cost of operation and simplified maintenance when needed; XLT is a first choice for every pizza business operator.
They are designed to be as versatile as possible. When your demand increases and you need to add a new XLT deck to your existing solution, reconfiguring the shroud is simple. It can be retrofitted with your older version XLT hood, allowing a more affordable upgrade experience, as well as a much faster installation.
➜Higher Efficiency
➜Better Visibility
➜More Versatility
➜XLT Reliability
➜Best Return on Investment
➜ Recieve 7 years parts & labour warranty when you purchase hood & oven package.

Contents Contains

XLT F Version Hood
Delivery & Installation (subject to T&Cs)
7 Years Parts & Labour when purchased with an XLT Conveyor Oven(subject to T&Cs)
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Hoods specifications are relative to the size oven that you purchase. Examples of these are available in the Quick Links section. If you are interested in a size which is not shown, please contact us.
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