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Zio Ciro Nano

The Zio Ciro Nano pizza oven is an unmissable addition to your home. The ovens are 100% Italiian made; using artisan techniques to create an exceptional product with top-quality materials. The Nano is ideal for cooking pizza but also capable for cooking meats, fish, vegatable and desserts. Experience it's professional performance in the comfort of your own garden.
At only 35kg, the Nano oven is one of the lightest refractory concrete pizza ovens in the world. Making it easy to transport wherever you need it, from the garden to the patio, or even round to the neighbours! It may be small but it certainly is mighty. Fuelled by gas,  it can reach temperatures of 450℃ in just 15 minutes.  Unlike other ovens of this type, the Nano dome is made from refractory concrete and has mineral fibre insulation meaning it maintains a high temperature for a long time- even after the burner flame has been extinguished.
➜One Pizza Capacity
➜Portable Pizza Oven
➜Gas Fired
➜Refractory concrete hob and dome
➜Mineral fibre insulation, throughout the dome, front and back panel.
➜Ready for immediate use
➜The Nano oven has a large 38x40 hob and includes a convenient stainless steel shelf that allows you to turn the pizza, even outside the oven.
➜100% Made in Italy

Purchase Options
Available in orange.
Pipe, gas regulator, pipe ties and key included.
Materials: Inner dome and hob made from refractory.  Upper and low insulation with high performance ceramic fibre.
Dimensions: 530mm x 475mm x 310mm
Front opening height:  115mm
Weight:  35kg
Integrated safety thermocouple
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