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Gluten-Free Large Perforated Peel

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If you would like your peel cut down, please make a note in the Product Note above before adding your item to the basket


Gluten free peels - code AG-32RF peel head measures 33x33cm. Total peel length is 186cm, which can be cut down free of charge to whatever length suits your needs - just state the TOTAL length you require in the comments section when ordering, or give us a call on 01527 528841.

The Gluten Free range from Gi Metal is a fantastic and easy way to differentiate your work tools. This range guarantees efficiency, health and safety and prevents contamination, putting the health of your celiac customers first.

Lightweight and robust tools, instantly recognisable colour scheme with holes that facilitate flour release, keeping your oven cleaner for longer and reducing friction.

The flexible head of the peel together with the frontal milling facilitate the scraper effect: the peel flexes to halfway, creating a perfect adherence between the peel and the prep table that facilitates lifting the pizza. The strength of the peel guarantees stability and the lifting of even the heaviest of pizzas.


The increase in demand for gluten-free foods, along with the demand of many pizza makers, has given rise to a line designed for pizza makers who make gluten-free pizza.

The line consists of a peel for baking, a small peel for turning the pizza and taking it out of the oven and a brush that maintains the characteristics of the Azzurra line but which is distinguished thanks to the vibrant green of the handles and a logo specially created and engraved on the handle and peel head. The focus is on the green colour, allowing the pizza maker to better distinguish their tools within the working environment, allowing them to work safely, with extreme efficiency, minimising the risk of contamination. All to safeguard the health of customers who suffer from coeliac disease. The communicative aspect that adds value and prestige to the premises is also important: in the eyes of the coeliac customers, the use of the dedicated tools emphasises that the greatest care has been taken by the owner and staff for the customer needs.



LARGE PEELS are used to put the pizza into the oven only.

They are not designed to move wood/ash around the oven, or to remove pizza from the oven. Using your large peel in an incorrect way will result in damage. For removing pizza from the oven please use turning peels, and for moving ash/wood around the oven please use a rake or a shovel.

TURNING PEELS should only be used to turn the pizza inside the oven and remove the pizza once baked.

They are not designed to move wood/ash around the oven. Using your turning peel in this way will result in damage. For moving ash/wood around the oven please use a rake or a shovel.

We can cut down your pizza peel free of charge. Please state you TOTAL LENGTH (from the tip of the peel head to the end of the handle) in the product note before you add your item to the basket.


ABOUT GI METAL: Made in Italy to the highest standards, these pizza making tools are a must for any pizzeria. Gi Metal Pizza Accessories are a pizza maker’s best friend.

Constructed using lightweight materials and approved by the AVPN, Gi Metal’s professional pizza making tools have everything you could possibly need including pizza peels, turning peels, oven brushes, cutters, olive oil cans, dough dockers and more… the list is endless.

Gi Metal products are made in Italy and are synonymous with quality, practicality and beauty worldwide. The professional Gi Metal pizza making tools are appreciated, sought-after, and purchased because of their good value for money and high quality. Creativity, research and perfectionism come together in a series of tools designed for a wide range of uses for professionals who make and serve pizza in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms around the world. This is a company that produces to its own designs and manufactures its own range of products to the highest specifications.

PLEASE NOTE: The following Delivery & Returns information applies to Pizza Accessories only:

Orders should be delivered within 1-2 working days. Unless there are delays, or you have ordered larger items. More information is on our "Delivery & Returns" Page.


Delivery costs below £150:
Orders including extra large items - £19.95 + VAT.
Orders including large items - £12.95 + VAT.
Orders of small items only - £9.95 + VAT.
Orders including extra small items only - £4.95 + VAT.

If items arrive damaged please notify us within 3 working days from delivery.
Items can only be returned unused and in their original packaging.

If the items you require aren't in stock, please feel free to back order or phone 01527 528841 with any queries. Delivery of items that aren't currently held in stock is usually 2 weeks, often shorter.


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