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  • Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles
    £3.00 ex VAT

    Sauce Dispenser Squeeze Bottles 

    These sauce dispenser squeeze bottles are the perfect bottles for dispensing of sauce. Easy to squeeze and comes out at the right speed. Available in red, yellow or clear so you can identify quickly which sauce you need.

    All bottles are 24oz.

  • Large Shaker(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Large Shaker
    £4.20 ex VAT

    Large Spice Shaker

    A 12oz spice shaker to be filled with spices like oregano, or for sprinkling of cheese. Made with a Lexan plastic base and a chrome plated top.

  • Economy Pizza Peel(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Economy Pizza Peel
    £14.00£16.80 ex VAT

    Quickly and easily place pizzas in and out of the oven with a pizza peel. The long wooden handle ensures the handler is not at risk of getting burned and allows you to place the pizza in the centre of the oven for an even bake. The handle is made from wood meaning peel will stay cool to the touch.


  • Salt and Vinegar Shakers

    Salt and Vinegar Shakers
    £3.60 ex VAT

    Large capacity plastic countertop salt and vinegar shakers, ideal for fish and chip restaurants.

    Standard size salt and vinegar shakers.


  • 12" Wooden Pizza Serving Bats

    12" Wooden Pizza Serving Bats
    £12.00 ex VAT

    340011: Size 12"

    Untreated wooden pizza serving bats - for use with raw foods.

    If needed they can be seasoned or sealed with oil. To seal, wipe any food safe oil (like mineral oil) on the surface of the peel. Some oils will eventually go rancid; these oils should be avoided. If sealed, the bat is less likely to pick up unwanted odours, food particles and moisture. This will not increase the life span of the bat. Bats eventually wear out.

    If bat warps, leave overnight with the warp facing up and it should flatten out. Avoid leaving on hot surfaces, which could increase chances of warping.

    izza serving bats are not dishwasher safe. Wooden pizza serving bats should never be used under heat lamps or soaked in water.

  • Multi-Function Thermometer(Sizes in drop-down menu)

    Multi-Function Thermometer
    £11.50 ex VAT

    This Multi-Function thermometer is compact and easy to use. The thermometer features an easy to read LCD that displays both the temperature and the alarm set temperatures, ideal for restaurants, bars and cafes as an economic solution for temperature measurement applications. The unit indicates temperature in the range -50˚C to +150˚C.

  • Laser Thermometer Gun Infrared Non-contact

    Laser Thermometer Gun Infrared Non-contact
    £32.00 ex VAT

    Laser Thermometer Gun Infrared Non-contact

    • A durable and accurate heat thermometer infrared gun.
    • Powered by two AAA batteries - provided.
    • ABS plastic provides resistance to scratches.
    • Infrared thermometer gun from -50 to 600 °C.
    • Suitable for use with ovens, barbecues, grills, cooking etc.
    • Helps you to avoid burns, keep track of heat sources, and check temperatures to keep in line with health & safety regulations.
    • Not suitable for measuring body temperature.
    • Can easily be switched from °C to °F.
    • LCD digital display.


  • Amica Aluminium Rectangle Peel

    Amica Aluminium Rectangle Peel
    £39.00 ex VAT

    A line designed for the private user who uses their pizza oven occasionally and looks for quality, lightweight and a handy, easy-to-use tool. All of the Amica line models are light to make them practical for occasional use. The head-handle joint consists of the overlay of two elements secured by three large rivets in line, to guarantee safety and no movement.

    Untreated aluminium head, untreated aluminium handle.

  • Roweca Contemporary Boards for Serving PizzaPerfect for 12" Pizza or Smaller

    Roweca Contemporary Boards for Serving Pizza
    £29.95 ex VAT



    Board diameter: 35cm / just under 14"
    Handle length: 13cm
    Handle width: 4cm
    Full length including handle: 48cm.

    Perfect for 12" pizza or smaller.