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Roweca Contemporary Boards for Serving Pizza

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Board diameter: 35cm / just under 14"
Handle length: 13cm
Handle width: 4cm
Full length including handle: 48cm.

Perfect for 12" pizza or smaller.

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Board diameter: 35cm / just under 14"
Handle length: 13cm
Handle width: 4cm
Full length including handle: 48cm.

Perfect for 12" pizza or smaller.

Contemporary Boards for Serving Pizza

Roweca is the ideal choice of material when manufacturing the perfect food preparation or presentation board.  In fact, the same board can be used for both purposes.

Here are the key advantages that Roweca has over certain other materials used for the manufacture of pizza cutting boards:

  • Knife friendliness
  • Hygienic
  • Heat resistant
  • Dishwasher safe

Pizza serving boards made from Roweca are exceptionally modern, stylish and practical. They also offer a temperature resistance of 176 Celsius.

If you are looking for a round pizza cutting board with a handle, or pizza paddle board, that will easily withstand the intense heat associated with a freshly baked pizza then our wooden serving boards are the perfect choice.

Roweca pizza boards have a non-slip surface, are kind to cutting knives and will not damage under the heat of hot food straight from the oven.  Our wooden pizza serving boards can also be dishwasher cleaned.

The design means that these contemporary pizza serving plates are perfect for busy restaurants and cafeterias where accidental bumps and knocks are bound to happen.

You can use our round, dual purpose pizza boards to prepare the perfect pizza in front of your customers before sliding them into the oven.  Once the pizza has been removed from the  oven, the same board can be used for cutting and serving.

Pizza serving boards are available in natural or slate colour material.

Each round wooden pizza plate also has a convenient handle so that it acts like a serving paddle that is easy to move around.


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