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Market-Leading Spiral Mixers


The dough rounders are the best way to produce perfectly formed dough balls, easily and consistently. For years, IGF has been producing the perfect business tool for pizzerias and bakeries to create bread, focaccia pizza, pastries, delicate dough and medium and hard dough with their dough mixers. They have spent time designing and manufacturing the most professional and perfect machines to suit your needs. IGF mixers and rounders are a pizza chefs best friend and the perfect tools to obtain the best dough.


A Wide Range of Mixers


IFG have a range of machines to suit all needs. . Their dough rounding machines allow you to get the most perfectly proportioned and rounded dough balls every time, quickly and easily.

There is no better marketing than through satisfied customers...


Quality, design, innovation and reliability of the equipment are the best selling points, and every new production is improved from the previous. IGF love their customers. IGF produce spiral mixers, fork mixers, double arms mixers, dough portioning dispensers and dough rounding machines.

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