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Brass Bristle Brush – Large

£63.00 £75.60 inc. VAT

£63.00 £75.60 inc. VAT
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Dimensions: 27 x 6 cm. 164cm long.

Replacement brush heads are available: code R-SP2.

Large brush head. Brushes can be adjusted in a ‘T’ style, or used long ways. Larger oven brush with scraper. Brass Bristles on wooden support. Handle is made of anodised aluminium. 

Please note, measurements are from top of brush head to end of handle. Products can be easily cut down to suit your needs, or we can do this for you at no extra cost. 

If in stock and ordered before 2pm, delivery will be 2 Working Days for all long-handled items, and 1 working day for all other items. Returns within 14 days.


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