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Dori – Wooden Pizza Accessories

Dori is an Italian, family-run company that has been producing quality wooden serving boards and pizza and restaurant accessories for over 50 years. Their quality materials and creative craftsmanship together produce the perfect tools for a variety of uses.  

Dori’s handmade pizza peels are unique for handling, lightness and longevity compared to mass produced tools. Every product produced is made from wood which is RECC approved and considered the very best material for the seasoning of traditional Italians cheeses such as Regganio Parmesan, Grana Padano and Roman Pecorino.

Wood is naturally hygroscopic, absorbing and attracting moisture which helps maintain food for greater holding and serving.







Dori items we stock include long and short handle pizza peels, serving boards, cutting boards, paddles, table stands, all of various shapes and sizes and available for you to order before 2pm and receive the next working day.

All Dori items are available to customise and personalise with your branding. For a small fee initially to make your metal branding logo, after that we can heat brand your design onto any Dori item you order – for just pennies!

A truly original and beautiful brand with unique items… what are you waiting for? Order online now for our best prices and next day delivery!

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