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Napoli Pizza Village, 2016

napoli pizza village

Naples, which is the town famous for creating Italy’s most famous export, the pizza, is currently hosting the Napoli Pizza Village in celebration of that fact. First held in 2011, the event it now being held for the 6th consecutive year. The event took place from 6th to the 11th of September At the event you could sample the best examples of the original Neapolitan pizza and among other things at the festival you can learn how to make the perfect pizza dough as well as the traditional tomato sauce.
The highlight of the event is the World Pizza Maker Championship. Held for the 15th time, it is returning to Naples this year again. The contest gathers the best pizza making experts in the world in location to fight it out. The contest consists of 8 sections that includes the likes of the best classical pizza, deep-dish pizza and a freestyle contest among others.

The Napoli Pizza Village, 2016 was the best opportunity for a tourist to have enjoyed the beautiful city of Naples. Don’t worry, if you missed it this year, you can always come back next year and join in with the fun.




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