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Tony Macaroni opts for Marana Forni Cupola Oven in their new Restaurant in Edinburgh.

Tony Macaroni, Scotland’s premier Italian restaurant chain has opened its latest restaurant at Edinburgh’s OMNI centre

in the Heart of the City with the new Marana Forni 150 Cupola Su & Giu oven.
The oven has a capacity of 21 x 10” pizzas cooking on the rotating base which can be lifted into the dome of the oven

with ease to increase the cooking time or to heat up the Rotating deck during busy periods.
The Marana Forni ovens are easy to operate, reduce cooking times, and produce perfect results without the need to turn

the pizza in the oven.
The guys at Tony Macaroni have done an amazing job with the design of the oven and have finished it in a stunning

Copper mosaic tile so it not only cooks great but looks great also. We are sure the Marana Forni oven will be a big hit with

the customers and the staff alike.

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