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A Peel For Every Need

Nicole cronin   |   October 6, 2021

A peel to suit the needs of each and every pizza maker

Different sizes, shapes, materials - perforated or smooth, different head and handle sizes. Large launching peels for - you guessed it! - launching your pizza into your oven; small turning peels for turning your pizza while baking, and removing it from the oven when cooked to perfection. 



A wide range of choice

Gi Metal offer a wide range of peels to suit the needs of each and every pizza maker. Different styles and sizes to suit:

A complete line which is characterised by lightness, extreme strength and flexibility. The Azzurra line is able to satisfy any need of the professional pizza maker, and is our most popular selling line by Gi Metal. A wide range of accessories - peels, turning peels, brushes, pizza-by-the-metre peels... Azzurra has something for every professional kitchen. 

Evoluzione is enriched with the characteristics of the Azzurra Line - lightness and flexibility - combined with a brand new and improved perforation design. The new arrangement of the holes increase performance in terms of smoothness and draining of the flour. The new aesthetic details offer style and elegance. The Special Hard Anodising gives maximum performance in terms of heat resistance, smoothness and durability. 

A line designed to meet the needs of pizza makers who make pizza in the traditional Neapolitan style - in ovens at very high temperatures and at the maximum frequency of use. Enhanced material, special circular perforation and laser engraving make this tool unique. AVPN Approved to make true Neapolitan Pizza.

A complete range for residential use - designed for private users who use their pizza oven only occasionally, or as a hobby. A range of lightweight, quality and handy tools.

A line dedicated for pizza makers who make gluten-free pizza for their coeliac customers. This range maintains the characteristics of the Azzurra line, but distinguishes it with the green colour and easily identifiable Gluten Free logo. Exclusive use, differentiated tools designed specially to make your kitchen a safer place. Tools that are instantly recognisable in the working environment. 


Which size head?

Within all of the above ranges by Gi Metal you will be able to find a peel head size that is right for you and the pizza you are creating. Standard sizes include the following: 33x33cm, 36x36cm, 41x41cm, 45x45cm or 50x50cm. 

The Azzurra Line has a pizza peel head which is only 30x30cm - this is perfect for most home ovens and small professional electric ovens, placed inside or in your own outdoor space, garden or terrace. The Amica line also has smaller peels which are more competitively priced, such as the 32x30cm designed for occasional use

We also have a wide range of peels for Pizza-by-the-Metre - peels as large as 110cm x 40cm. Alternatively, we have a range of peels to suit non-standard shaped pizza, or peels for bakeries and Romana pizza. 

Which size handle?

The length of the handle depends mainly on 3 variables:

In general we can say that the handle must be long enough to avoid burns. Therefore the type of oven (electric / wood / gas / tunnel), its opening and the depth of the oven mouth are the 3 characteristics that influence the choice of the peel. The shorter handle is recommended for tunnel ovens and small bar ovens. A mid-length handle is suggested for professional electric ovens, while the long handles are suitable for large artisan ovens.
We stock all peels in a standard handle length - we cut the handles down free of charge for all of our customers - both launching peels and turning peels. Just give us a call or place a note in the NOTES section when ordering online stating the total length you would like the peel - from head to end of handle. 

Gi Metal peels can be used for all types of pizza, but some are designed to be used with particular types of pizza. For the classic standard pizza we recommend the heads 33 and 36 cm, while for the maxi sizes we recommend the heads from 41 to 50 cm. For special pizza formats (by the meter, in pala, Roman) Gi Metal offers specific peels and perforated boards.

If the movement space outside the oven is very limited, we recommend a peel/ small peel with a short handle. If, on the other hand, there are no space problems, the standard length is 150cm, which we keep stock of as standard. The maximum length available is 200cm, recommended for deep ovens and no limits or constraints for the exit manoeuvre - we can order this specially for you with an average lead time of 6 weeks, however, the standard handles suit the majority of professional kitchens.

If you need any further help choosing the peel that's right for you, your oven and your pizza, please don't hesitate to get in touch! One of our team will be happy to help: 01527 528841. 

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