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Pizza Neapolitan STD, 30 Neapolitan Pizzaioli, 5 Marana Forni wood ovens: it’s a RECORD! That’s the winning team which reached the new Guinness World Record for “The most pizzas made in 12 hours  by a team”. The Neapolitan Pizzaioli worked on wood Marana Forni ovens managing in a few hours to reach and overcome the previous record held in Singapore. A difficult goal they reached also thanks to the team leader ErricoPorzio and the 2015 Pizza World Champion for Pizza Neapolitan STG AttilioAlbachiara.


The race took place on 27th June, in the beautiful Piazza Indipendenza in Chiasso (Switzerland) where everything was settle down for that special event. It was a great feast day where Neapolitan Pizzaioli could show the whole world one again their culinary excellence: Pizza Neapolitan STG, the real Neapolitan pizza.


Pizza Neapolitan STG and Marana Forni merged into only one ingredient: love for tradition.


Thousands of pizzas were cooked during the race and then were given away for free to local and  charity Associations.


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